Windaroo Cottage  est.1862

Windaroo was the second sugar lease taken out in the Albert River Region.

The first owner of the sugar plantation 'Windaroo' was John Pollexfen Stackhouse Pinwill, who acquired it in 1865-7.  He transferred it to a partnership with a man named St Andrew Warde (jnr) in 1868, and in 1869 it was transferred to St Andrew Warde and John Warde.

The owners of 'Windaroo' - St Andrew Warde Jnr & John Warde appear to be the sons of St Andrew Warde senior. The Warde brothers were working as ironmongers in Queen Street, Brisbane.  It seems that their father St Andrew Warde was the original ironmonger there.


The Warde family sold 'Windaroo' to William Stanley Warren by 1871, but the Warde family may have stayed and helped work it, or they may have worked it in partnership.


It was later run by William Warren who also had Noyea Plantation, now known as Mount Warren Park, before he sold 'Windaroo' in 1874.

The Heck family, who own the Rocky Point sugar mill, took up the estate in 1894 and continued to grow sugar along the flats, while grazing cattle on the slopes.  Albert Benjamin Huth, mentions in his obituary that he managed "Windaroo" for Wilhelm Heck & Sons.

Windaroo Cottage was renovated by Jim and Ann Hart after they purchased it in 1974.  It had been relocated to this site from the Beenleigh Rum Distillery some years earlier and had been home to a widow with seven children.


The Harts established a gallery in the cottage and in 2003 it was again renovated by new owner Wendy Child into a wedding and function venue.

Today, Windaroo Cottage is owned by Centro, a church and community organisation bringing hope to the city.